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At A to Z Home Vet Care our goal is to provide the most comprehensive veterinary care we can for all your pets, in the comfort of your own home. We treat dogs, cats, and many different exotics including pocket pets, backyard poultry pets, and more. We do not travel with imaging and our laboratory diagnostics mostly come back with results the following day. If you’re experiencing an emergency or an urgent illness that requires bloodwork results same day, or suspect you need imaging, please contact your local vet or visit the list of ER clinics on our “Got an Emergency?” page under Resources. When in doubt, you can always call or email us to ask if a house call is a good fit for you!

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For our consultations, we will book you with an actual appointment time with a small grace period before and after it, rather than a time block. We know you are busy and can best prep your pet for their appointment when you know exactly when we are coming. We’ll do a full head to toe examination with some slightly different elements depending on species. For pets who typically require a muzzle at the vet – many are less stressed at home and don’t need measures like this at all, but it’s always important to let us know! We do recommend that owners of pets who have needed a muzzle in the past purchase one themselves to acclimate their pet to it ahead of time. It doesn’t have to be a source of stress for your animal if given time to adjust and if it isn’t necessary we’ll take it right off.

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Preventative Care

We stock a full selection of vaccines that is ever growing too. We can track your annual exams and diagnostics like fecal screening and heartworm tests, and also send email reminders so you never have to worry about what’s coming up due next. Soon we’ll also have a pet portal so you can independently track your pet’s reminders and medications if you wish.

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Sick Visits

A common question we get is, “Can house calls help sick pets or only healthy ones?” The answer is, of course we can! We are a great resource for patients with chronic health issues and can provide a personalized approach for these patients. Even with acute illnesses, if the patient is stable enough to wait for bloodwork results the next morning then we can save you the hassle of transporting your sick pet to the vet, and can do it where they’re most comfortable instead.


We can run bloodwork including heartworm and tick-borne disease tests and larger panels, test and culture urine, fecal screening, run cytology (including ears), perform fine needle aspirates, skin scrapings, and minor biopsies and more. We will also soon have a portable ultrasound machine. We do not carry an x-ray machine and will refer you out if one is needed.

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End of Life Care and In-Home Euthanasia

Knowing that your pet’s wonderful life is coming to a close can be a very stressful time. We want to make this transition as beautiful and peaceful as we can. We offer hospice-centered consultations to address all your concerns about making sure your pet is comfortable and not in fear. When the time comes, we have hours of extra training and certification specifically in euthanasia. You can consult with us about all of your end of life wishes for your pet and we hope to provide a process and transition that allows you to look back at this time with less pain, knowing your pet had the best care imaginable. We can accommodate a wide range of aftercare wishes so please don’t hesitate to contact our team or schedule an end of life consultation with us for your pet.

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Our consultation fee covers a nose to tail exam to the best of our ability / animal’s tolerance, the consultation with Dr. Z, and travel time / expenses. If the consultation period extends beyond the typical hour per patient or if you’re outside our service area / fit in outside our typical route for the day, additional fees may apply which you will be made aware of ahead of time.

  • Consultation: $175

  • Consultation Additional Pet: $125

  • Consultation Recheck: $150

  • Consultation Recheck Additional Pet: $125

  • Consultation Additional Pet (Litter): $60


Please note, pricing on all services but typically more specifically nail trims, anal glands, and ear cleanings, may be subject to an additional charge as determined by the doctor if more time and / or supplies are required to perform them. This is usually related to temperament / tolerance of the procedure by the pet or the severity of the nails / ears / anal glands.

  • Nail Trim: $40

  • Ear Cleaning: $50

  • Anal Gland Expression: $40



  • Rabies 1 Year: $25

  • Rabies 3 Year: $35

  • Da2PP: $35

  • Bordetella (intranasal): $35

  • Leptospirosis: $35

  • Influenza: $50

  • Rattle Snake Vaccine: Coming Soon


  • FVRCP: $35

  • Rabies 1 Year: $35

  • Rabies 3 Year: Coming Soon

  • FeLV: $50



  • Heartworm Test: $75

  • Most Basic Bloodwork Screening (CBC / blood chemistry): $150

  • Average Bloodwork Package for senior patients or sick pets: $225 to $375


Urinalysis: $75

Fecal: $75

Ear Cytology: $75


Our euthanasia services include travel fees, a consultation with Dr. Z followed by pre-medication to assist your pet with a stress-free restful transition when we administer the euthanasia medications and transportation of your pet afterwards when applicable. We offer communal and private cremations and can assist you with cemetery burial options.

If you choose to have your pet’s ashes returned (private cremation), the standard urn is a gorgeous wood box – typically cedar or cherry wood. All cremations are the same price for a species, regardless of size.



  • Euthanasia without cremation (home burial): $400

  • Euthanasia with communal cremation: $500

  • Euthanasia with private cremation: $600


  • Euthanasia without cremation (home burial): $450                      

  • Euthanasia with communal cremation: $550

  • Euthanasia with private cremation: $700

Exotics: please call for pricing

Each euthanasia includes up to one each of the following Touches of Remembrance as desired:

  • One Clay Paw Print

  • An Ink Nose Print

  • An Ink Paw Print

  • One Fur Clipping

  • Additional Remembrances are $15 each

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