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Scheduling an Appointment

We service the greater Denver area and suburbs. To check if you’re located inside our service area and to book an appointment, please click on Book Appointment. After confirming you are within our service area you will be given the option to either book an appointment yourself using our online booking functionality or to request an appointment from our team.

If you move forward with requesting an appointment, we will collect some general information about you and your pet and be in touch shortly. We will need to confirm that the nature of the exam is appropriate for a house call. (If this is an emergency, please click on Emergency).


Appointment times are related to proximity to other appointments and we will work with you to find the best appointment time so that no additional travel costs have to be added. You'll receive an email confirmation of your appointment time.


Please plan for a window of 20 minutes ahead of or behind the appointment time (a lot less than the cable guy!). During the scheduling phone call, we will confirm pet and owner information, location of previous pet records so we can collect them, payment method, and contact information so we can send you any new client forms as applicable.

If you choose to book your appointment online yourself you will be asked to provide all relevant information and will be able to choose an available appointment slot that works for you. All appointments booked online are pending until confirmed by the team, a process that includes confirming there are no scheduling conflicts with that choice compared to other calls that day, confirming that the type of care you’re requesting is something that we can do, and confirming all necessary forms were signed (which are emailed to you as part of the booking process). We will email you when you’re confirmed and then you’re all set!

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