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Dr. Maria Zayas, DVM

I graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts after completing clinic rotations at Louisiana State University. An animal lover from infancy like most vets, I’ve been working jobs with a wide variety of animals since I was a preteen and have followed my passion on from there. 

When I moved onto sunny St. Kitts for veterinary school, I pursued research in aquatic health for tilapia and spent school nights performing nesting patrols for the Sea Turtle Monitoring network for nesting leatherback sea turtles and weekend mornings tagging and examining juvenile sea turtles off the coast.


While I love exotics and aquatics, after veterinary school I took a position at a low cost, full service and also spay/neuter/shelter clinic to continue my passion of advocating for and aiding vulnerable populations of animals.


After a year of "veterinary bootcamp" I returned to my home state of New York where a perfect set of circumstances came together leading me to fall into a job I had never thought to pursue, house call appointments for dogs and cats. I quickly realized the limitless possibilities for an improved veterinary visit for the pet, owners, and staff.


Following through on this passion, I moved to Denver with my three dogs, Iris, Oualie, and Kipper, so they can have the outdoor life they couldn't have in New York City, and my two cats Boots and Rascal. You can find us hiking or at dog parks, or always seeking out anything to do with water (even my cats swim).

Anchor Aspen
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Aspen Dornburg, RVT

Hey there! I'm originally from Arizona, but I recently made the move to beautiful Colorado. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had a deep love for animals and a strong desire to work with them. My family frequently talks about the special bonds I've had with all kinds of animals since I was just five years old.


After finishing high school, I started my journey in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant. I've learned so much on the job and really sharpened my skills, all while following my passion. Over the last nine years, I've been dedicated to growing my skills as a veterinary assistant. Recently, I achieved a major milestone by graduating from Penn Foster and becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. I'm also working towards certification in hospice and palliative care to provide even better care for my patients.


My amazing husband and adventure partner, Adrian, has been by my side for this exciting new chapter of my life. We're joined by our two furry companions, Kush and Rajah. When I'm not busy at work, you can find me hiking and enjoying time by the water with my adorable pups. This is also why Dr. Z and I instantly clicked – we both share a love for outdoor adventures!


I am absolutely thrilled to have the incredible opportunity to shower love and care upon your adorable fur babies!

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